Parliament for Tigers

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What are your views on the tiger conservation plans in India?

National Tiger Conservation Authority is trying hard to save the tiger but the future of the species in the country still looks grim. As far as CTR is concerned, the flora and fauna of the park needs to be preserved. My personal view is that the park needs to be open in all seasons, including the monsoons, so that there is better patrolling. It is during the monsoons that organised poaching witnesses a surge and if tourists keep flowing in and out, the chances of poachers making merry go down. That apart, the forest staff should be modernised and given teeth to fight and curb organised poaching. Recent reports have indicated that excessive tourism inside the CTR is taking its toll on the park. What are your views on the massive infrastructure being built inside the buffer area? I have voiced my opinion against this and agree with experts that these resorts and hotels are blocking crucial corridors and leading to an increasing man-animal conflict. We have made a mistake by allowing this infrastructure to be raised in this crucial habitat. According to me, resorts and hotels should be built five kms away from buffer areas and the use of bright lights, DJs, rain dances etc., should be restricted. CTR should be for genuine wildlife lovers and not party mongers, who come from Delhi to have a weekend blast at this Mecca of wildlife.People need to be made aware that these parks are meant to study and observe these beautiful animals from a distance. As for me, I would like to sit in my courtyard and enjoy the unprecedented calmness and beauty of the forest and its animals.


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