Valentins day New's

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Okay, that's addition impossibly red day I've said goodbye to. It's adamantine to adulation the colour back it's inundating every avenue corner-god, accept you apparent so abounding heart-shaped pillows in your life? And if an aggression of red hearts-balloons, pillows, cards-is not enough, there's all that blush you accept to accord with. You'd anticipate Hallmark would anticipate of addition colour, because women are not *too* addicted of the red in their lives. Remember that accessible letter that one woman wrote to the business arch at Procter and Gamble? Yeah, that's the one.

Add to all this exceptionable even in the aboriginal bisected of February, the abject glances that the apple sends a distinct person's way. Why oh why can't we bacchanal in our singledom like you do in your valentineness? Singles, and distinct women in particular, accept been abundant maligned for actuality single. You know, the accomplished ''Fie on you if you're sitting at home nursing a alcohol on Feb 14'' treatment, rather than accepting a man to go down-on his knees, of course.

But I'll accept you apperceive we don't accept it as bad as you anticipate we do. While we don't absolutely abhorrence wine and flowers and solitaires (find me a woman who says she does and I'll appearance you an aberration of ballsy proportions), we do not abundant affliction for the astronomic accoutrements they entail - toilet bloom at contrary times, askance shoes/towels/undies, she-said-he-said battles, anatomy beard all over the floor, to name a few. Not to acknowledgment those times back men assume to anticipate it fit to acquaint us how to advance our lives. It's *almost* as if it's a phenomenon we've appear this far-without them.

Lest this be taken as a pseudo-intellectual bluster of a distinct woman who does not appetite to own up to the actuality that Feb 14 is aloof like any added day in her life, let me clarify-and I allege for all singles here. We do not belittle blessed valentines and their heart-shaped balloons, candy, cards and red roses. We do not begrudge the hardly earlier diamond-expecting (and getting) and celebrating-togetherness-with-a-bottle-of-bubbly generation. We aloof appear to anticipate the apple of our own coronary avenue is all. And we'd rather delay for addition who does, too, afore we get Valentined.


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